Animation Process

You might wonder how we gonna make your video? Here is the step by step explanation








Using our easy-to-complete creative brief, you provide basic information about your product or service.

The Creative Brief Questionnaire consists of 8 simple questions that will lead you through what we need for the messaging content of your video.

Client To Do:
Complete Questionnaire

1-2 Days

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Script Writing

If you already have a script, we can skip this step, if not, no problem! Our experienced copywriter, Emma, will produce a unique script specifically for your video. As the messaging is key, there’s no limit to the amount of revisions required in the script writing stage, so Emma will work with you to make sure it’s right.

Client To Do:
Review/Approve Script

1-3 Days

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Voice Over

You will be provided numerous voice auditions from professional voice talent, reading a portion of your script. You will be able to find the perfect voice for your video.

Have a listen to the samples above to hear the high level of quality you can expect for your project.

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As soon as a suitable script has been finalized, the animators get to work creating a storyboard around it. This is where whiteboard animation comes into play. Taking their inspiration from the completed script animators create eye-catching images.

Client To Do:
Review/Approve Storyboard

1-3 Days (completed during voice-over)